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                                                                          CAMPUS    SEAL   VISION   MISSION   HISTORY


                                                        LOCATION: 31st cor 51st Sts., Pamayanang Diego Silang, Ususan, Taguig City, Philippines

                                                                                                 TELEPHONE NO.: 828-0140



            The Sunrays stands for the light that illuminates your path in building a temple of immortal souls in the future generations; the Open Book means that anyone may come to engraft a branch of knowledge into the stock of wisdom; the Mountains and Sunrays represents hope of a new beginning, the Gear, symbolizes technology and know-how in the modern society; the Building represents the City of Taguig of modern infrastructures while the White Duck represents Pateros; the Laurel leaves represent the dignity of man and serve as the emblem of victory, of a courageous flight of success. This is the meaning of our seal, revere it, cherish it, and lives by it always.


                                                                             We shall emerge as the premier school of science and

                                                                     technology in the National Capital Region with pro-active leadership

                                                                          providing quality technical education to our learners thereby

                                                                     developing their full potentials and producing academically excellent

                                                                                                   and morally upright individuals. 


                                                                      We shall achieve academic excellence in the field of science and 

                                                                            technology by developing globally competitive students

                                                                  determine to cope in a technology-oriented society dedicated to God.


                    The students, faculty and community of SEN. RENATO "COMPAÑERO" CAYETANO MEMORIAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL take pride in our school as the only Science and Technology High School in Taguig and Pateros.

                    With the strong commitment of Congressman ALAN PETER S. CAYETANO to provide the district of Taguig and Pateros (TAPAT) with opportunity to a free and quality science and technology education among the poor and deserving students of public school with the facilities and curriculum that can compete with exclusive private school in Metro Manila, House Bill no. 4448 was introduced on February 21, 2002. It is an act establishing a Science and Technology High School in Pamayanang Diego Silang in Taguig City to be known as the TAGUIG-PATEROS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL and the funds were appropriated for its establishment.

                    On September 4, 2002 a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed between Congressman Cayetano, Rufo B. Colayco of Bases Conversion Development Authority and Jovita O. Calixihan of DepEd-Division of Taguig-Pateros for the allocation of five thousand (5,000) square meter area of the community facilities at the heart of Pamayanang Diego Silang in Taguig.

                    The site was immediately equipped with perimeter fence through the efforts of the late Sen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano. Immediately, a four-storey, twelve class room building was built and the school was ready for occupancy. In the early 2003, Congressman Cayetano's political will to produce a show window on the division paved the way for another four-storey twelve classroom building in preparation for its opening.

                     The Division Office of DepEd Taguig-Pateros played its part in this endeavor by preparing and complying with all the requirements under DepEd Order No. 71 s.2003 through Mr. George P. Tizon, the Administrative Officer of the Division. On September 21, 2004, the approval for the establishment of SRCCMTHS was granted by the DepEd-National Capital Region after having complied and met the standard of a science & technology school.

                      On December 14, 2004, Dr. Rolando L. Magno, Schools Division Superintendent of Taguig & Pateros announced the administration of entrance examination for admission among graduating students of public schools. More than three hundred (300) students took the exam and only 146 passed after a series of battery test.

                      At the end of school year 2004-2005, a bill was introduced by Congressman Edmund Reyes, the Chairman of Committee on Education in the House of Representatives renaming Taguig-Pateros Science & Technology High School to be SEN. RENATO "COMPAÑERO" CAYETANO MEMORIAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL (SRCCMTHS).

                     Hence, on June 6, 2005 "SRCC" High as our students call it, began its operation in providing quality education with emphasis on science & technology, mathematics and communication arts among deserving students of Taguig City and Municipality of Pateros under the able leadership of its OIC/Principal, GEORGE P. TIZON, the concurrent Administrative Officer V of DepEd-Taguig City & Pateros.

                     Presently, the school has "take off" and bent on soaring high to emulate its primary model of success, an ordinary public school student who became one of the greatest senator of the republic, the late Sen. RENATO "COMPAÑERO" CAYETANO. Indeed our students are proud to be labeled "compañeros" and "compañeras" of the Division of Taguig City and Pateros.